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Frequently Asked Questions

Plans for Instructors and Contributors

2 type courses will be available.

  • Regular course.
  • Premium Course.

Basic Model

  • Catch Platform Maintenance Fee: 20% of each selling price.
  • Catch Platform will work on the organic reach of Instructor’s course.
  • Instructors will promote their own courses extensivel atform will work on the organic reach of Instruct y.
  • Instructors who are/will be choosing Basic Model For their Course Selling at Catch Platform, will get general support from Team Catch Platform!

Advance Model

  • Share 50% of each sale Catch Platform maintenance fee
  • Promotional cost.
  • Catch Platform will work for both organic and paid reach of the course with Social Media.


  • Front page display of the course
  • Social media paid marketing
  • Highlight the courses at different events
  • Get the Chance to WIN exciting gift vouchers on different shops
  • AV or Teaser video

Instructors who are/ will be choosing an Advance Model for their course selling at Catch Platform will get VIP / very special support from Team Catch Platform. Like Any type of Designs / Video Making or, Editing, Marketing, or, /preparing or promoting their courses, Support for their learners etc.

You are free to choose the topic you wish to teach on Catch Platform. Please refer to our restricted topic list, however, for details on the topics that we do not accept.

There is no fee to be an instructor on Catch Platform. Instructors are paid according to a revenue share model outlined here. When a student buys your course on our marketplace, revenue is shared between you and Catch Platform, according to our revenue share model.

No approval is needed to get started. You can start creating your course via this link.

Before your course is published on our platform it will need to meet our course minimum requirements. You have to let us know once you publish a course.

*You need to provide the Google Drive link of your course videos when uploading your course.

A standard Catch Platform course is video-based. Courses must have at least 30 minutes of video content and at least 5 lectures or learning modules. Additional teaching tools (like assignments, quizzes, and coding exercises, etc) can be added to create a rich learning experience for students.

Yes. Courses must have at least 30 minutes of video content and at least 5 lectures or learning modules.

In order to ensure that students have great learning experiences, we also have a Quality Review Process that every course goes through.

Since we function primarily as an on-demand, video-based platform, you’ll need to upload your video files in Google Drive and share the folders to Catch Platform. In other words, students must be able to view your course lectures on the Catch Platform.

No. Our marketplace model means that when you publish a course on our platform, you retain all the copyrights to your content. You grant us a license to host the course and make it available to our users only, and to advertise your course on our platform and on third party services.  

These license terms are outlined in detail in Catch Platform’s instructor terms. You cannot offer your same course on other services other than on Catch Platform. Note that once your course is included in the Catch Platform there may be additional distribution restrictions.

As an instructor, you have the option to enrol in the Catch Platform Deals Program, which is made up of two marketing channels that spotlight your course(s) in different ways.

Enrolling in the Catch Platform Deals Program gives Catch Platform the option to promote your course, at a discount. Selection for promotion is not guaranteed.

In addition, we provide instructors with extensive articles, resources and features at Catch Platform to help you effectively market your course(s). To learn more, please check the FAQ on Instructors plan.

You can teach a course in any language of your choosing.

This section includes extensive resources on how you can create a Catch Platform course and get started.

FAQ about Digital Store

Not allowed. But you can purchase items from us and use them in your personal projects or for your clients.


*Yes Allowed, but with conditions.


You must add value to the item (by customizing it or incorporating it into a larger design).

No. Items downloaded on Elements must be used by the account owner only. We do however offer a team’s account which allows up to five individuals to share one Platform account and assets.

No, your license for Catch Platform items is non-exclusive, meaning you cannot trademark an asset created using an item.

Yes, you can use your purchased items. 

Not Allowed.

No. You don’t need to purchase for each time you use one same item you purchased from the Catch Platform. You and your clients have the legal right to use the final item.

*Although for web templates you have to purchase for each time using. For Website themes only Single user Licenses are available.

No, you do not need to repurchase fonts or addons for each project. You only need to register them once for the installation on your device. If registering a font or addon to another computer you use, you need to issue a new purchase for that installation.

Yes you can.

Yes you can. As long as you have followed the requirements set out in the Platform License, you’ve ensured that the item cannot be extracted from the end product and your account remains active, you can transfer a sublicense to your client. You must inform your client of their obligations under the Limited Sublicense. We suggest that for you and your client’s future records, you capture information relating to the item you licensed from Platform and used to create an End Product for your client.

No, it's not mandatory to give the creator credit. But we do encourage that if your end product has credits as part of its design (such as a film or TV show), please credit the creator and Catch Platform. Also, as the creator retains ownership of the item, you shouldn't claim copyright in the item.

Yes, you can, as long as your end product is a customized implementation of the website template. You will need to register your use of the item and you are allowed to sub-license the customized implementation to your client. Please note that you are not allowed to redistribute the template on its own to your clients, and you can’t use the item in an application that would allow an end-user to customize the product to their needs (i.e. an “on-demand”, “made to order” or “build it yourself” application).

Yes, you can. For example, you can use an image from the Catch Platform as part of social media posts because the picture is being used as part of a larger End Product - the post as a whole. The core value is in the post as a whole including the words used, not just the image that goes along with it.

Yes, it is permissible to modify items you purchase on Platform in order to present them to your clients as a completed End Product. You can modify a theme in order to then use that theme to deliver your client a complete website. However, you cannot modify a template and then sell the template itself as its own product. You will need to register your use of the item and you are allowed to sub-license the customised implementation to your client under.

Yes, you can modify the items you download on Platform to create a customized implementation of the item. The license starts when you Register your use of the item and the license is only valid if you complete the End Product while your account is active. Then the license continues for the life of the End Product (even if your account expires or closes).